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Why I fell for LG’s new Tamagotchi phones

Posted by Hannah Wright on Nov 13, 2014

TamagotchiWhen I first read about LG’s new ‘Aka’ phone range in TechCrunch, I couldn’t help but feel a little warm glow in my belly. Growing up with the classic memorable and interactive toys such as Tamagotchis and Furbies, I’ve always had a soft spot for technology that holds a mind of its own.

But now with the Aka phones, we’re moving away from the typical ‘nurturing’ model of these toys and onto something slightly more independent. Incidentally, this may be music to some mother’s ears. I know my own mum was tormented by the muffled yelps of a Furby that had been shut away in the wardrobe after hours of endless requests (in “Furbish”) to play with me.

The Aka’s are instead promising to provide an “emotional connection” between people and their phones with the help of four different personality character sleeves. YoYo (the pink one), Soul (black), Wooky (white) and Eggy (yellow) are brought to life by a clever microchip hidden in each coloured phone cover.…

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We are going to do inbound marketing, so why would we need PR?

Posted by Debby Penton on Nov 12, 2014

inboundInbound marketing is the latest big thing when it comes to B2B marketing and lead generation. And the tech sector is hot for it. Recent research by Sirius Decisions showed that use of marketing automation systems is at its highest amongst US B2B tech companies with 65% adoption, and we are seeing an increasing number of clients and prospects over here doing or considering the same.

And who can blame them. The mighty content generating machine that is Hubspot makes for a compelling and noisy story. And it seems so simple. There are natty little equations that tell you how many leads you can generate by adding in xx many blogs and xx many hero pieces of content and xx tweets. It’s like lead generation sausage machine nirvana.

But where is all this content going to come from? And with all your competitors deploying the same tactics, your prospects are going to get much better at blocking out your brilliant “5 top tips to optimising your xxxx” article.…

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What is 5G? It’s whatever marketing wants it to be

Posted by Darren Willsher on Nov 11, 2014

Mobile transmitterAnyone with even a passing interest in telecoms will have noticed the deluge of stories on 5G in the last few months. From the UK’s 5G research centre through to companies claiming all manner of firsts, it seems as though every other story suddenly has some sort of 5G angle.

And why not – it’s a nice sexy topic (well, sexy for telecoms) and since there was much excitement over 4G, surely 5G will mean that whole 4K movies will download before we’ve even asked for them and the entire internet will be at our fingertips?

No one knows

The first issue with 5G is that nobody really knows what it is yet. 5G doesn’t mean a set speed or ability to download anything quickly. It’s actually a complicated set of standards and architectures that need to be defined and agreed, and the fact remains that it’s still very early days in this process.…

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What I want from a smartwatch or fitness tracker

Posted by Ian McKee on Nov 10, 2014

SmartwatchesThe views on smartwatches in the Wildfire office are, well, varied.

Personally, I would love a smartwatch, or a fitness tracker. Something that I wear on my wrist and does some clever stuff. I’ve gone through phases of wearing a watch all my life, I’m a bit of a fitness freak and tend to buy the latest smartphone as soon as I can. So I’m a prime target.

But I haven’t bought a single fitness tracking device or smartwatch yet, because none have really come near to fulfilling my checklist of requirements.

I’m not sure whether to call this device a smartwatch or a fitness tracker yet, because I want elements of both categories in one device. A watch that has a screen that displays notifications and stuff is not enough. A fitness tracker with no screen but tracks all my movements is not enough either.

I viewed the Apple Watch launch with excitement and anticipation, being an unashamed Apple fan I was convinced it would be the company to come in and sort out this category.…

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The future’s Bright, the future’s LEDs

Posted by Katie Ward on Nov 07, 2014

Blue LEDsIn October the Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to three scientists responsible for inventing a new energy-efficient and environmentally friendly light source, which created modern LED light bulbs. Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura created a blue light-emitting diode (LED), which allows manufacturers to produce white-light lamps.

Funny how this electronics project, which has now paved the way for energy-efficient lighting, was originally only a hobby for Shuji Nakamura that he pursued in his own spare time.

Traditional light bulbs waste large amounts of energy through lost heat. Whilst fluorescent lamps are better they still don’t come anywhere close to the efficiency of white LEDs.

The invention, which combines red and green LEDs to generate white light, can be used in all lighting sources from homes to the advertising screens in Piccadilly Circus. What’s more, it’s so efficient that if the UK were to switch to LED lighting we could save 10% of our total electricity bill.…

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