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Six top tips for trade show first-timers

Posted by Ella Delancey on Feb 16, 2015

Lanyards and nametagsTrade shows are excellent opportunities to network, promote your company, and gather quality business leads. However, they can also be daunting places, with huge spaces, thousands of business cards and all those hands to shake. Running an exhibition stand, or just attending a trade show is hard work – especially after the first day or so!

However, Wildfire is here to help, with our top tips for surviving, and absolutely nailing it – whether you’re exhibiting, or simply just attending your first trade show. This guide may even prove useful for a seasoned professional!

Have a strategy

Walking into a trade show blind is a bad idea. Request a copy of the companies attending, and the conferences. Highlight the company stands you particularly want to visit, and make a plan. You could even set up time slots to talk to people prior to the show. Timing and organisation are key.

Don’t go alone

Trade shows are usually big places, and it’s possible you won’t see everything that you want to see.…

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Why being a Samsung fan is just like being a Man Utd fan — probably…

Posted by Sanjay Dove on Feb 13, 2015

Recently, my colleague Ian Mckee wrote a blog post on why being an Apple fan is like being a Chelsea fan. Being an iPhone owner and Chelsea fan myself, I particularly enjoyed it, but it also got me thinking about how being a Samsung fan is probably like being a Manchester United fan. I’m in no place to comment since the last Samsung device I owned was a Samsung A800 in 2004 and I take pleasure in all Manchester United suffering, but here goes anyway…

Man United

Both are the most popular in the world in their respective fields

Last year, Samsung topped the global smartphone market share figures with 23.7% — a whole 12 percentage points more than Apple in second place. And according to research by Kantar, Manchester United purportedly have 659m fans worldwide (pfff, yeah right), which is a heck of a lot more than any other club.…

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Project Ara: Build-a-Bear for smartphones

Posted by Chris King on Jan 20, 2015

PhonebloksLate last week the tech world got a bit excited about Project Ara, Google’s latest venture into the world of ‘modular smartphones’, which could conceivably flip the industry on its head by allowing consumers to choose the components and modules that go into their phones.

Inspired by Lego, you start with the shell of the phone then choose the processor, memory, battery, camera, and so on to create the smartphone that’s perfect for your needs.

Theoretically the project could mean the end of phone upgrades as we know them, in the sense that with Ara you upgrade the component parts rather than the whole device. For example when a better camera, screen or processor comes along you whip out your old one and plug in the new one — with everything held in place by clever magnets.

A very basic initial version of the device will be available this month but according to PC Advisor it won’t be until the second and third generations later this year and into 2016 when there will be features like 4G LTE (or even 3G) and cameras that you’d actually want to take pictures with.…

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8 reasons why being an Apple fan is just like being a Chelsea supporter

Posted by Ian McKee on Jan 15, 2015

Chelsea FCI’m going to get some stick for this post, In the Wildfire office – and possibly elsewhere. But the fact is, I am a fully paid up member of two of the World’s most hated groups, being both an Apple and a Chelsea FC fanboy.

Fortunately, being an Apple and a Chelsea fan means I am far too superior to care about what anybody thinks (I jest! …sort of).

Being in this privileged position however, I can’t help but notice the numerable similarities between the two. I’m probably imagining things, but it does seem to me that there are inextricable links between the technology company and the football team.

So sorry Fandroids and Man Utd supporters, but I had to put this list together, (and I’m not really sorry). Let me make my case.

1. Both have a ‘Special One’ figure who has enjoyed a second coming

Apologies for the quasi-religious language here, but it’s hard to avoid when talking about these two.…

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A cold turkey Christmas or all teched out?

Posted by Juliet Philip on Jan 14, 2015

Off switchHow did you spend Christmas? Did you put your smartphone, tablet and laptop to one side and fully engage with the festive season? Or did you spend most of your time tapping on your keyboard or playing on your games console?

Tech PRs and journalists are notorious for keeping an eye on their phones at all times “just in case I miss something” and I would suggest that at Wildfire we are much the same.

However, this Christmas I found myself in cold turkey as I was on a cruise and at sea for days at a time with no access to Wi-Fi, except at vast expense. I had given it no real thought beforehand, despite deciding to leave the iPad behind because of lack of connectivity, and it turned out to be a shock to the system.

It wasn’t just a shock for me, but for many others too if the scores of people hunched over phones, tablets and laptops as soon as the ship docked is anything to go by.…

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