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Expert reviews remain top of the charts in influencing consumer tech purchasing

Posted by Kat Farminer on Jul 03, 2014

With the massive popularity of social media, brands might be forgiven for thinking that big following on Twitter or Facebook is all you need to drive demand for the latest gadget.

As a consumer tech PR specialist, we always advocate a multi-touch campaign to help build awareness and influence consumers to buy, but maintain that there is no substitute for a solid product reviews campaign as the foundation of any product PR activity. Naturally, we have the evidence to back this up – just check out our Why Buy? report.

However, the consumer landscape changes quickly and we wanted to check which channels really hold the key to unlocking our wallets or purses, so we surveyed 2,000 UK consumers to find out who they turn to before buying the latest kit.

Good news for the consumer tech media: nearly half (44%) of all gadget sales are influenced by reading an expert review online and 12% of people are still buying specialist magazines to inform their decision making.…

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Are machines really taking over the world?

Posted by Salla Savolainen on Jul 02, 2014

RobotsReading technology news these days you’d be forgiven for thinking that the world is being plunged into a sci-fi movie, of the I, Robot variety (for those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s set in 2035 when robots are in every household and assist people with their daily tasks, and most things have become machine-operated, such as cars and home appliances).

Despite us still being in 2014, robots are becoming more and more common, especially in the workplace, with the International Federation of Robotics announcing that last year the global sale of industrial robots hit an all-time high of 179,000.

This has really been a big year for robotics, with the first ever robot passing the Turing test; ‘Eugene Goostman’ convinced judges for a third of the time that rather than being an automated machine, he was a young Ukrainian teen. Japan’s SoftBank Corporation also created a robot, Pepper, capable of reading human emotions and making what they call ‘independent decisions’ and similarly, ‘Bob’ is an office robot who patrols checking for anomalies and making a report of them.…

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In response to Nick Cohen: PRs are not all the same

Posted by Darren Willsher on Jun 27, 2014

Alastair campbellFresh on the back of Robert Peston’s attack on the PR industry, Nick Cohen has penned a piece for Standpoint where he compares PRs as “the nearest thing to prostitutes you can find in public life.” Which was nice of him.

The article makes some excellent points and I don’t doubt for a second that those in central government are a nightmare to deal with. There’s also a real issue with the growing influence of advertisers on editorial copy and the amount of news stories that are essentially just press releases.

What’s annoying is that based on his experience of dealing with particular PRs and departments he has tarred the entire industry with the same brush. It would be like me saying all journalists are phone hackers.

Consider the following lines:

“PRs do not do what they do because a cruel world has left them with no alternative to selling their souls, but because they want to.”

“…every dandruff-ridden PR in every backwater office now thinks he is Alastair Campbell.”

“We should refuse to speak to press officers unless we intend to give them the ridicule and contempt they deserve.”

These aren’t sensible or well-argued points, these are excerpts from a thinly veiled rant at some very specific people that generalises a very diverse industry.…

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Is there anything you can’t 3D print?

Posted by Chris King on Jun 25, 2014

Undoubtedly one of the electronics PR hot topics of recent times has been 3D printing. Today, 3D printing applications in the electronics industry range from vehicles to prototypes and it’s clear we have barely scratched the surface of what’s possible.

I came across this brilliant infographic on the pages of the electronics and supply chain community EBN (republished from The Best Computer Science Schools) which puts the huge 3D printing opportunity into perspective. It might even have convinced me to eat 3D printed meat.


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‘Smart glasses’ for the blind; a modern medical miracle?

Posted by Salla Savolainen on Jun 24, 2014

smart glasses for blindAs far as senses go, sight is a pretty important one. We can probably imagine life without a sense of smell, or taste, and while that would be annoying (and quite upsetting), it certainly wouldn’t require you to alter your lifestyle in any major way. Losing your eyesight though, would not just be inconvenient but would drastically change your life. Imagine then what a thing it would be for those who have lost the better part of their sight, to be told that there was a way for them to see again, even if only to see basic shapes and forms.

Researchers at Oxford University have announced their success in creating a pair of glasses, currently being referred to as ‘smart glasses’, which differ from Google Glass, in that they are being used to improve the eyesight of the legally blind and partially sighted.

Unfortunately the glasses can’t actually restore sight to the blind (which really would be miraculous), but can be used to enhance their existing sight, and have proven to be very helpful in assisting with spatial awareness in particular.…

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