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16 for ’16: the PRCA’s sixteen recommendations for great communications in 2016

Posted by Chris King on Jan 29, 2016

slack-imgs.comYesterday I attended the PRCA’s ‘2016: The Year of…’ conference in London where the great minds of the UK PR fraternity came together to discuss the events and trends that are likely to have a major impact on the industry over the coming 12 months.

The conference’s agenda was dominated by a very interesting debate around the PRCA’s recently launched 16 for ’16 list of sixteen recommendations for great communications in 2016. A list crowdsourced from senior PRCA members, its PR Council and Board of Management.

I’ll spare you the details of all sixteen, particularly as some of them don’t really apply in the technology PR space, but the full blog post can be found on the PRCA website if you’re interested.

It was pleasing to see that the general consensus in the room seemed to be that by far the most pertinent of all the recommendations is the need for agencies to offer tighter integration of PESO (paid, owned, earned, shared).…

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PR director of the future: The most delicate of balancing acts

Posted by Debby Penton on Jan 25, 2016

150819_Christine_Brown_AMDChristine Brown, Director of Regional Communications at AMD, has recently been reviewing how press are supported across the globe. The goal is to ensure maximum impact while delicately balancing the needs of the corporation alongside those of the journalist. This discussion sparked a conversation about PR re-gaining control to under-pin its own destiny.

PR was once all about getting the right message ‘out-there’, rather than the more varied function it has now become. The current perception leads to confusion in where it falls in the marketing mix and what value it brings to the overall business. The good PR team (whether in house our agency) has to be more than just a helpful communicator with great contacts to help an influencer get the story they want. PR needs to deliver the best story for the company or organisation it represents. To do this effectively it has to potentially adopt a much stronger approach.…

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“Bring back the Game Boy!” Wildfire’s most lamented retro technology

Posted by Hannah Wright on Jan 22, 2016

imagesRhodri Marsden’s latest article caught my eye this week, putting the spotlight on a group of people that just can’t let go of old technology, so much so that it still “forms part of their lives.”

Whether it’s nostalgia, hoarding or just repulsion of the modern technology that is taking over at break-neck speed, it got me wondering whether more people wanted to stick with some of the tech we were introduced to decades ago.

Ranging from CD Walkmans, VHS and record players to MSN messenger, Bonsai Buddy or the classic telephone box, we would have all grown up with the “latest and greatest” tech innovations that are now just a mere glitch in our race towards all things virtual and autonomous.

To find out whether I was alone in my thinking, I asked the entire Wildfire office to take part in a poll that grilled them on which technology they miss having and which technology they are thrilled to see in the bin.…

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Get outta town: Wildfire is on a recruitment drive

Posted by Debby Penton on Jan 11, 2016

Wildfire recruitment image
Think you need to work in the centre of London to work in the best agencies? Think again. Wildfire, a top 10 tech PR agency and winner of the best PR agency in the 2015 B2B Marketing Awards, is based on the banks of the River Thames in Kingston Upon Thames, and we are recruiting now.

We had a cracking 2015, with some amazing wins, including William Hill Online, Violin Memory, BenQ, TeamViewer and Solar Communications and this year is shaping up to be the same, having confirmed a major international client in the first two days back at work!

We are now on the look out for bright and enthusiastic grads with a passion for PR and technology, as well as account executives with at least six months experience in PR, marketing or digital marketing to support our growing team. Our most recent crop of account exec hires are all senior AEs now and looking to move to account manager, but need new talent to support this transition.…

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CES 2016 roundup: stress headbands, autonomous drones and smelly alarm clocks

Posted by Hannah Wright on Jan 11, 2016

CES 2016

CES 2016 took place last week, showcasing thousands of unique, quirky and frankly sometimes bizarre technology.

Out of this amazing haul we’ve handpicked the biggest themes of the show and listed some of our favourite tech to appear in 2016.

Virtual reality upped its game

  • HTC’s Vive Pre headset now has an added camera function to stop users from essentially falling flat on their face when submerged in their favourite game, allowing free movement around the home. Perfect if you fancy grabbing a drink in the middle of a game!
  • After a long wait, Oculus Rift finally launched its consumer version of the Rift headset that’s expected to sell in March for the fairly high price of £499. It’s been a long time coming but it’s set to make immersive game play even more attainable.

Keeping healthy

  • Samsung’s Body Compass 2.0 workout suit contains six different kinds of sensors to track your fitness levels, monitoring heart rate, respiration, body fat levels and more.

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