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Online retail prevails thanks to high street butchery

Posted by Joe McNamara on Dec 04, 2014

HOLIDAYSALES/Black Friday and Brits was always bound to go well. Analysts have been predicting the death of the high street for about three years now. Pfft – what do they know? Knock £60 off a plasma screen and out we pour, from our overcrowded housing estates, to war.

According to an article from The Guardian – not only did Friday 28th November 2014 lead to the mother of all fights in shops all over the country – it also registered 404,835 orders online amounting to a spend of £810m from UK shoppers.

As quoted in the same piece, data from internet retail experts IMRG show this figure eclipsed the £650m online splurge estimated to have taken place on Monday 1st December – now dubbed Cyber Monday.

Perhaps this was because the wounded were still struggling to connect to the Wi-Fi from their hospital beds. But perhaps there’s another explanation.…

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Wildfire’s top 5 last-minute Christmas gift guide tips

Posted by Ella Delancey on Dec 03, 2014

GiftGuide1It’s December, and that only means one thing for everyone in the PR world. It’s the last-minute scramble to squeeze every last drop out of your clients’ Christmas gift guide push.

Any consumer tech PR worth his/her salt will tell you that you should be pitching for Christmas Gift Guides as early as July and we absolutely agree. At the same time there is still work to be done in December when online publications, blogs and print dailies are still hastily putting their guides together.

By December you should have been working on your priority consumer technology, gadget and lifestyle publications for months. Now it’s about casting the net wider and making a last-ditch effort to put your product in front of national and regional daily newspapers.

Follow Wildfire’s Christmas gift guide survival tips to make sure that your client’s festive period really is a season to be jolly.

1. Double-check your PR tools

At this point you’re not going to be sending too many products out for review.…

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A day in the life of a consumer tech PR

Posted by Kat Farminer on Nov 27, 2014

Kat in DisneylandEach Monday here at Wildfire, we get together to discuss the week ahead and also to look back and recognise the great work from the previous week. For me, as a consumer tech PR, when the question ‘anyone do anything interesting last week’ is raised each week it generally brings to mind something cool I get to do in the line of work, but last week this has never been more true.

Last week I got to go to Orlando. For work. I travelled alongside our client, Picsolve, to the world’s largest conference for the leisure and theme park industry, IAAPA. To be honest, I was not sure what to expect but as market leaders in attraction photography Picsolve had one of the largest stands on site and with a jam-packed schedule of media briefings I approached it like any other trade show. What greeted me however, was what can only be referred to as an indoor theme park!…

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MWC 2015: The beginning of the end for smartphones?

Posted by Ben Smith on Nov 26, 2014

Smashed phoneAnd so to the slightly Alice in Wonderland world of wireless electronics. Smartphones may still seem like relatively new products for us consumers, but as far as the device manufacturers are concerned it seems they are already yesterday’s news.

A report from Caroline Gabriel at Rethink Wireless has highlighted how moves from Intel and Samsung have signalled an admission that they need to “look beyond handsets for growth in devices”.

So, farewell then smartphones?

Perhaps not as far as you and I are concerned, certainly for the foreseeable future smartphones will remain the dominant high-end mobile handset category. But for the manufacturers it seems they will start to be de-emphasised, along with tablets, as they look for the next ‘hero’ product that will create bigger margins and drive new growth.

Interestingly, when it comes to this ‘so what next’ question the reports don’t sound too promising. Of course manufacturers are looking at new ‘post-PC’ form factors, but there are also high hopes for new flexible screen technology.…

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PR is NOT a lead generation tool

Posted by Debby Penton on Nov 20, 2014


Don’t get caught up in last click attribution when trying to measure the impact of PR

In my last blog post I talked about how important PR can be in supporting inbound marketing and driving potential prospects to your website. But beware of viewing PR as a lead generation tool. (And to my fellow PRs don’t ever devalue the work you do by being tempted to sell your work on a cost per acquisition basis.) While digital measurement does give us visibility into the power of PR in building links, driving traffic etc, to boil down the impact of PR to these data points would be the end of our profession.

Just as online retailers are turning their backs on last click attribution (LCA), where the affiliate partner carrying the advert that finally drives a customer through to your site before purchase gets 100% of the reward for the sale, marketers must consider the influence of PR throughout the customer journey.…

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