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Why aren’t traditional PR tactics enough any more?

Posted by Debby Penton on May 06, 2015

Unknown“Traditional” has become a bit of a dirty word in PR terms. It implies the reliance on old school tactics in today’s complex media environment. And while I would agree that it’s just not enough to rely on the traditional tactics to cut through the noise for clients these days, I thought it would be worth exploring a couple of these traditional tactics to see what’s changed.

Press releases: Dead or alive?

The humble press release has been much maligned in recent years, and we have seen many proclamations that it is in fact dead. It’s not, it’s very much alive, and will continue to be so. Try picking up the phone to a journalist and selling in a story. If they are interested then nine times out of ten, they’ll ask you to send over the press release. (They may also ask you to do this if they are not interested of course, as it’s a nice way to get you off the phone.) It helps them assess the value of any story quickly (they read headline and first paragraph if you’re lucky) as well as providing key facts and attributable quotes.…

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Hi-tech renaissance – driving a financial revolution?

Posted by Chris King on Apr 30, 2015

money_magnetHaving started out in tech PR in the late 90s I’m just about old enough to remember the brief highs of the first dotcom bubble and the great wave of IPOs and tech investment, prior to the spectacular bursting of that bubble by the end of 2000.

As a lowly Junior Account Executive, I recall being involved in the launch of “Heroes.Com: The Names and Faces Behind The.Com Era” a book by Sun Microsystem’s then Global Marcoms Director, Louise Proddow (now trading on Amazon for £0.01p if you’re interested).

A book that seemed so relevant and exciting at the time soon became forgotten and I wonder how many of those names and companies heralded in this book are still a success today? Certainly one of them, Boo.com is a story best forgotten, but then there’s Amazon and eBay whose success speaks for itself.

What characterised the first dotcom bubble for me was the power of the banks in both fuelling the boom and creating the bust, by the setting of demanding short-term financial targets that were ultimately unachievable given the pioneering nature of many of these businesses.…

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8 bits of tech I wanted to take home from the Gadget Show Live

Posted by Tom Lawrence on Apr 09, 2015

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the press day for our client Gadget Show Live. Amongst all the toys and games at the show, in plain sight were some real works of inventive genius. Whilst there were a lot (and I really do mean a lot) of toy helicopters and headphones, within the mix were a few little gems that make going to these kinds of exhibitions a worthwhile experience.

3D printers: RoboSavvy Printrbot

IMG_2171Whilst 3D printing has been in and out of the spotlight in recent months, watching someone design and print a widget from scratch is something I recommend everyone goes and sees. Whilst my personal opinion is that 3D printing will never replace manufacturing, I was rather taken with the cheeky little printer kit on show at RoboSavvy. SOLD, even for this sceptic…

Tesla Model S

IMG_2182I think everyone is probably in love with Tesla’s Model S.…

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We are now Wildfire

Posted by Richard Parker on Nov 05, 2014

Wildfire PR logoEML Wildfire has become Wildfire. This move represents the changes that we have made to the services we offer our clients. It is a mark of the way we have evolved to become a new agency and we felt it was time to reflect that in a new clear name.

Three years ago EML and Wildfire PR merged, to realise a shared vision; we wanted to create a new breed of agency designed to help our clients respond to the challenges and opportunities of a changing marketing world, where effective PR is about so much more than media coverage.

We wanted to offer a broader skill set, a truly multi-disciplinary approach and to deliver real business impacts.

So how did we do?  Honestly, we have celebrated some big wins and we learned some tough lessons along the way.  But our achievements speak for themselves:

  • Within two years we had established EML Wildfire at number ten position in the PR Week technology league tables, a position we continue to build on
  • We launched Vital Signs, the first industry benchmark to identify the PR attributes that contribute to measurable business results
  • We developed our own online PR measurement dashboard in-house, using the coding skills of our own team
  • We added SEO and inbound marketing capability to our service offering
  • And we won one of the biggest international clients in the electronics industry

But I think our single most important achievement was to create a new company culture that brought together the best of each company in the merger.…

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Trendwatch: HTML and the future of PR

Posted by Alex Warren on Sep 03, 2013

PR Daily recently published an article titled “7 underrated skills every PR newbie needs”. As to be expected this article called for greater SEO knowledge, improved grammar, and all the other ‘revolutionary’ skillsets which have become so unbearably clichéd within modern PR commentary.

headWhile the majority of these skills were typically safe-bets for a ‘Top X’ article, it was particularly interesting to see the inclusion of HTML coding in the number one slot. Although various bloggers and industry professionals have highlighted a growing tie-in between PR and web design, the majority of these simply called for greater knowledge of CMS platforms such as Joomla and WordPress.

While clearly emphasising that most PR pros will never have to build a website, the article highlighted a growing need to implement basic HTML commands such as bold, italic and bullet points. For many, basic knowledge such as just knowing the difference between the Body and Head tags can go a long way.…

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