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Embedded World – the beginner’s guide

Posted by Andrea Berghäll on Feb 02, 2016

Nuremberg-WeinstadlFrom 23 – 25 February 2016, Nuremberg will again play host to Embedded World, the leading international trade fair focusing exclusively on embedded technologies. Over 900 exhibitors will descend on the the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre to present their latest products and innovations to over 25,500 visitors.

To take the stress out of your Embedded World adventure, we’ve put together a short guide of essential tips for newbies.

Getting to Nuremburg

The Albrecht Dürer Airport Nuremberg has been voted one of the best airports in Germany. Frequent fliers value the fast processing, the short distances and the good connection to the city centre and to the exhibition centre. From the UK you can fly direct from Stanstead (Ryanair) or London City Airport (BA/Air France).

The London city route is recommended for its excellent networking opportunity, the day before the conference starts it tends to be entirely filled by conference go-ers.

If you’re flying from Heathrow, you might want to consider a flight to Munich or Frankfurt and then catching a connecting train.…

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Embedded World – Where to eat

Posted by Andrea Berghäll on Feb 01, 2016

img_02_delicorn (1)After a busy day on the exhibition hall floor there is nothing better than finding a great restaurant and settling in for the night. The Embedded World site offers a useful list of restaurants, however for those wanting to avoid the crowds and experience the real Nuremburg, we’ve put together our own take on the best places to eat and drink in the city.

Albrecht Dürer Stube – The corner of Albrecht-Dürer-Strasse & Agnesgasse

If it’s traditional you’re looking for this restaurant won’t disappoint. This historic building is one of the most remarkable half-timbered houses in the old town and dates from 15th century. The restaurant itself is unpretentious and intimate and serves an excellent selection of Nuremberg sausages, steaks, fish and seasonal specials, all washed down with Franconian wine and Landbier (regional beer). There aren’t many tables so booking ahead is recommended.

Schäufelewärtschaft – Schweiggerstrasse 19

The lonely planet was spot on when it said “It’s easy to maintain best-kept-secret status with such an unpronounceable name and a dodgy location on the wrong side of the tracks behind the Hauptbahnhof”, but it’s widely acknowledged that this rough-hewn eatery plates up the best shoulder of pork in the business.…

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16 for ’16: the PRCA’s sixteen recommendations for great communications in 2016

Posted by Chris King on Jan 29, 2016

slack-imgs.comYesterday I attended the PRCA’s ‘2016: The Year of…’ conference in London where the great minds of the UK PR fraternity came together to discuss the events and trends that are likely to have a major impact on the industry over the coming 12 months.

The conference’s agenda was dominated by a very interesting debate around the PRCA’s recently launched 16 for ’16 list of sixteen recommendations for great communications in 2016. A list crowdsourced from senior PRCA members, its PR Council and Board of Management.

I’ll spare you the details of all sixteen, particularly as some of them don’t really apply in the technology PR space, but the full blog post can be found on the PRCA website if you’re interested.

It was pleasing to see that the general consensus in the room seemed to be that by far the most pertinent of all the recommendations is the need for agencies to offer tighter integration of PESO (paid, owned, earned, shared).…

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PR director of the future: The most delicate of balancing acts

Posted by Debby Penton on Jan 25, 2016

150819_Christine_Brown_AMDChristine Brown, Director of Regional Communications at AMD, has recently been reviewing how press are supported across the globe. The goal is to ensure maximum impact while delicately balancing the needs of the corporation alongside those of the journalist. This discussion sparked a conversation about PR re-gaining control to under-pin its own destiny.

PR was once all about getting the right message ‘out-there’, rather than the more varied function it has now become. The current perception leads to confusion in where it falls in the marketing mix and what value it brings to the overall business. The good PR team (whether in house our agency) has to be more than just a helpful communicator with great contacts to help an influencer get the story they want. PR needs to deliver the best story for the company or organisation it represents. To do this effectively it has to potentially adopt a much stronger approach.…

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“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” – Twitter prepares to abandon 140-character tweet limit.

Posted by Kiran Saini on Jan 07, 2016

17011464712_338275fcd0In attempts to jumpstart user growth, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is considering to scrapping the 140-character tweet limit and increase it to 10,000 characters. Is it just me, or is this just totally bizarre?!

Twitter’s 140-character limit has been around since its launch in 2006 and is arguably the feature that makes the social network what it is. The beauty of Twitter is that the content shared here is short, sweet and to the point, which is a lot more engaging than huge chunks of “mumbo-jumbo” you see on status updates on Facebook. It’s what makes Twitter stand out. It’s what makes tweeting enjoyable.

By increasing the limit to 10,000 characters, tweets will have the potential to be around 2,000 words in length, which is about 8 times longer than this blog, or the same length as the average school essay. Now, if that doesn’t put things into perspective, I don’t know what will.…

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