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Trendwatch: HTML and the future of PR

Posted by Alex Warren on Sep 03, 2013

PR Daily recently published an article titled “7 underrated skills every PR newbie needs”. As to be expected this article called for greater SEO knowledge, improved grammar, and all the other ‘revolutionary’ skillsets which have become so unbearably clichéd within modern PR commentary.

headWhile the majority of these skills were typically safe-bets for a ‘Top X’ article, it was particularly interesting to see the inclusion of HTML coding in the number one slot. Although various bloggers and industry professionals have highlighted a growing tie-in between PR and web design, the majority of these simply called for greater knowledge of CMS platforms such as Joomla and WordPress.

While clearly emphasising that most PR pros will never have to build a website, the article highlighted a growing need to implement basic HTML commands such as bold, italic and bullet points. For many, basic knowledge such as just knowing the difference between the Body and Head tags can go a long way.…

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5 ways to test the quality of your creative idea

Posted by Joe McNamara on Sep 03, 2013

If you work in PR, marketing, advertising or any industry that requires creativity, you’ll have been told on multiple occasions; there’s no such thing as a bad idea in a brainstorm. Well I’ve got news for you – there is.

The truth is we all come up with bad ideas sometimes. Some get scrapped straight away and others are binned reluctantly at the last minute. Yes, bad ideas are a necessary evil, as sometimes they can feed the creative process and inspire a better idea, but a good creative melting pot needs quality control.

brainCreativity doesn’t come naturally or easily to a lot of people. There’s also a lot of fairly unhelpful advice out there such as ‘take a walk’, ‘have a lie down’ or ‘tell it to a child’. Well, I’m not saying there isn’t merit in any of those things, but no single activity turns you into a creative genius.…

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10 steps to a successful product review programme

Posted by Hannah Wright on Aug 01, 2013

When launching a new tech product, one of the most important steps to building credibility and supporting sales is to establish a comprehensive and effective reviews programme.

reviewFrom EML Wildfire research (and decades of expertise) we know that expert product reviews exert huge influence over tech and gadget purchasing decisions, with 44% of consumers reading online reviews and 10% reading reviews in specialist magazines before they buy a product.

So how can you make sure your products get in the hands of the specialist media that are writing influential reviews? And how can we ensure the resulting content is accurate, positive and drives the consumer to make an active purchasing decision?

To help you out, we’ve put together a product reviews guide with 10 steps to achieving complete product review success – including some helpful advice from the media themselves!

The EML Wildfire Product Reviews guide is available to read in full and download here.

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Is the Xbox One for the general consumer or the gamer?

Posted by Kat Farminer on May 22, 2013

XBOXONEYesterday was a big day in the gaming world – it is not every day one of the power three (Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony) launches a new console, but that is just what we were treated to with the unveiling of the Xbox One.

With the global Xbox teams and world’s tech media descending on Seattle it was bound to be big news from the start, but we can’t help the feeling that maybe what we got has left us a bit flat.

The lines between the gaming and entertainment worlds have become steadily more and more blurred over recent years with existing consoles clambering to be the first to add new apps like BBC iPlayer and YouTube. Xbox One however, seems to have taken this to a whole new level, promising an ‘all-in-one, entertainment centre’.

Designed to sit squarely at the centre of the living room the new console not only boasts an added Blu-ray drive and Skype functionality but will become the first device of its kind to host an exclusive live-action TV series based on its best selling Halo franchise, directed by Microsoft fan, Steven Spielberg no less.…

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Twitter: Taken with a pinch or shovel of salt?

Posted by Juliet Philip on Apr 25, 2013

Whilst I admit I was late to the Twitter game, I now fully embrace it as a part of my every day life.  Last weekend it provided me with all the info that I could have wanted from the GB Rowing squad trials – a closed event with only selected media present, opened up thanks to the power of the crowd.

Instant details of winners and times – and a healthy amount of YouTube links – meant those of us with an interest in rowing could see the minute-by-minute performances of each individual, something that used to only be reported as an official roundup at the end of the weekend’s racing.

We all know by now that Twitter has the potential for good, but the past few days have again shown how the power of Twitter can get out of hand and re-sparked the debate over whether Twitter is a tool for evil, rather than good.…

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