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Small Cells get clever at SCWS

Posted by Darren Willsher on Jun 19, 2014

Small Cell World ForumLast week we were supporting the Small Cell Forum at Small Cell World Summit in London – a conference that explores part of the telecoms world dedicated to providing coverage and capacity wherever it’s needed.

Caroline Gabriel of Maravedis-Rethink has put together an excellent summary of the show, but for me what was clear this year is that small cells are starting to appeal to more than just the telecoms space.

You might recognise small cells in the form of the Vodafone Sure Signal, but this is a technology that is increasingly being used on a much larger scale, providing coverage and quick data rates in airports, busy city centres or stadiums.

It’s these deployments that open up small cells to a range of clever new applications, from measuring visitor flow in shopping centres to targeting special offers and services.

While these applications have been possible for some time now, at the show we saw several announcements that directly address this and it’s an area that seems to be gaining real traction.…

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The death of the pocket: could a smartphone be the only thing you need one day?

Posted by Joe McNamara on Mar 31, 2014

medium_2830319467Smartphones are making their way through our collection of personal belongings and replacing their uses at a rate of knots. We’re relying less on bulky alternatives such as TVs and laptops and spending more time with our faces buried in those portable devices that give us every feature under the sun.

But will smartphones begin to replace other ‘things’? And, if so, how will this affect the way they are marketed?

Phone, keys, wallet…

These items are pretty much the only three things that non-smoking males check their pockets for before they leave the house. Well the good news for skinny-jeaned tech enthusiasts is that we may all have a lot more room in our pockets very soon – in fact we might not need them at all.

We’re already witnessing the smartphone being asked to hold more than just the more ‘every day’ requirements (messages, calls, photos and gaming). For example, Starwood Hotels & Resorts are trialing a smartphone app that allows guests to use their smartphone as their hotel room key.  …

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What the media wants at MWC

Posted by Darren Willsher on Jan 28, 2014

In our last blog we looked at some of the reasons why your MWC invite might not be up to scratch, but don’t just take our word for it. We’ve asked a selection of the world’s telecom press and analysts about what they’re looking for this year, what invites they’re fed up with and what you can do to try and stand out in Barcelona.

paulPaul Rasmussen, MWC Daily

How can people get your attention at the show?

“I think you should be early with any attempt to gain attention – the nearer the date the invite/exclusive interview overload becomes unmanageable.

A good invite is the opportunity to easily meet and chat with some executive that will tell you something interesting – not an exclusive focus on their own products, but where the industry is going and why they’re important. Don’t make the venue a million miles away from MWC, and don’t attempt to lock writers into a long lunch/evening meal, etc.…

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The start of the real 4G battle

Posted by Darren Willsher on Aug 29, 2013

Samsung S4Today sees the launch, in London at least, of 4G services from Vodafone and O2, finally catching up with EE, which launched what feels like an eternity ago.

This is the end of what’s been a fairly complicated and drawn out affair, with all sides complaining about the other and the last few months have seen some interesting manoeuvring as they try and tempt consumers across to the more expensive plans.

While the 4G service from EE has been impressive, the number of people switching over hasn’t quite hit the level it was hoping for. So after spending lord only knows how much on new infrastructure, Vodafone and O2 have been working on some clever bundles to get people to switch.

The good folks at Pocket Lint have put together a solid post looking at the different options and costs here, but what’s clear is that the offer of high-speed data isn’t enough to get people to pay the extra.…

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How 4G is making MHz interesting

Posted by Darren Willsher on Jul 10, 2013

4G outsideIf you’ve been in London recently then you may have spotted some adverts on the tube about the 4G mobile network and the digital switchover. Yesterday Ofcom also released a statement announcing that it has decided to allow mobile phone operators to use their existing 2G and 3G radio spectrum for superfast 4G mobile broadband in the future.

This is all on top of a stack of media attention on the 4G network and the race between the different UK operators to get their networks live.

What makes this particularly interesting is how it’s taken a very technical subject and dragged it into the mainstream public eye. Normally if you started talking about the challenges of 800MHz versus 2100 and the propagation characteristics of either, well you’ve probably already gone cross eyed.

However this is now something people are paying more attention to. I’m not suggesting your gran has suddenly become an expert on mobile network optimisation, but those with a casual interest in tech are now reading about the 4G auction and the different frequency bands and starting to appreciate the differences.…

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