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The right way, the wrong way, and the Segway

Posted by Ben Smith on Apr 15, 2015

5186951663_c2ece68be9_mIt has been announced that Segway, at this point the infamous developer of the two-wheeled “human transporter”, has been bought out by its Chinese rival Ninebot. Long after the hype subsided, Segway is now officially a relic. Far from revolutionising the future of transportation, it is now the “£6,000 21st-century Sinclair C5” that has been sold for parts to its nearest rival for a relatively modest sum.

You may think that the obsolescence of the originator of an essentially unloved technology does not really merit much discussion. But if you don’t experience at least a small amount of sadness at the news then I guess you just have a heart of stone.

What’s not to love about overly-ambitious-but-essentially-ridiculous technology? And when they fall flat on their face maybe we’re not surprised, but perhaps we are a bit sad that it did. I would never want to discourage the people who are prepared to dream big out there.…

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Forget the hype, I may have seen unified communications and collaboration utopia

Posted by Louise Andrews on Apr 14, 2015

14466920043_15d5c9ae49_nI’ve been working with IT companies in the unified communications (UC) space for a number of years and follow market developments closely.

There is no doubt the market has evolved dramatically, with analysts confirming the start of widespread UC adoption and predicting the increased adoption of UC-as-a-Service and cloud-based models.

But against this backdrop the conversations about UC haven’t really evolved. The benefits are highlighted time and time again. Workforce mobility, an improved customer experience, increased collaboration, enhanced productivity and more.

I’ve seen many instances where UC has delivered these benefits that are so often touted. It works. But I have yet to see a deployment that truly inspires me to imagine the future of unified communications and collaboration.

That is, until I received an email from the Royal British Legion (RBL) this week.

Let me set some context. As a volunteer, I’ve been running the local RBL Club in my village for about four years, looking after 300+ members in my role as membership secretary.…

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Could we live without technology – and should we?

Posted by Ella Delancey on Apr 10, 2015

2959807121_d6315cfd1b_nWe know that technology is all around us. Nowadays it is integrated into every aspect of our lives. Although mostly championed and viewed as a way to improve our lives for the better, there is usually an argument about technology going on in the background. It’s usually people claiming that we’re all SO anti-social due to our increasingly automated world – and surely you must know that your kids are getting “tech neck”?!

While doing a spot of research around this subject, I saw a few stories of people embarking on a ‘giving up tech’ challenge. I had the fleeting notion that I could take one for the team and try to live without technology for a week. So I tried to list all the items and devices I’d have to give up for this to work.

Aside from my computer that I sit in front of every day at work, there is my smartphone, Kindle, iPod, TV; I hadn’t even begun to include totally essential items like the fridge and, of course, my hairdryer.…

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Six top tips for trade show first-timers

Posted by Ella Delancey on Feb 16, 2015

Lanyards and nametagsTrade shows are excellent opportunities to network, promote your company, and gather quality business leads. However, they can also be daunting places, with huge spaces, thousands of business cards and all those hands to shake. Running an exhibition stand, or just attending a trade show is hard work – especially after the first day or so!

However, Wildfire is here to help, with our top tips for surviving, and absolutely nailing it – whether you’re exhibiting, or simply just attending your first trade show. This guide may even prove useful for a seasoned professional!

Have a strategy

Walking into a trade show blind is a bad idea. Request a copy of the companies attending, and the conferences. Highlight the company stands you particularly want to visit, and make a plan. You could even set up time slots to talk to people prior to the show. Timing and organisation are key.

Don’t go alone

Trade shows are usually big places, and it’s possible you won’t see everything that you want to see.…

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8 reasons why being an Apple fan is just like being a Chelsea supporter

Posted by Ian McKee on Jan 15, 2015

Chelsea FCI’m going to get some stick for this post, In the Wildfire office – and possibly elsewhere. But the fact is, I am a fully paid up member of two of the World’s most hated groups, being both an Apple and a Chelsea FC fanboy.

Fortunately, being an Apple and a Chelsea fan means I am far too superior to care about what anybody thinks (I jest! …sort of).

Being in this privileged position however, I can’t help but notice the numerable similarities between the two. I’m probably imagining things, but it does seem to me that there are inextricable links between the technology company and the football team.

So sorry Fandroids and Man Utd supporters, but I had to put this list together, (and I’m not really sorry). Let me make my case.

1. Both have a ‘Special One’ figure who has enjoyed a second coming

Apologies for the quasi-religious language here, but it’s hard to avoid when talking about these two.…

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