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Five tech stories I won’t miss in 2015

Posted by Pelin Wolk on Dec 18, 2014

blah, blah, blah,Lists are classics at the end of the year: Christmas lists, resolutions for the coming year, and annual wrap-ups such as Top Three Most Watched YouTube Videos, Top Five Awkward Francois Hollande Moments 2014, and, of course, Top Ten Tech Stories 2014. Lists are all time favourites of journalists to provide a quick read for people who want to be informed but don’t want to go in too deep. They are snappy pieces of content that are to the point and therefore super popular.

Of course, really, lists are only ever an adequate way to cover issues that are simple and straightforward enough to be presented as something as trivial as a list. Which tech stories normally are not.

Still, in honour of the tradition – and mainly because these stories don’t deserve any better – here come my 2014 top five most hated tech stories, the ones I can do without in 2015:

1) Apple watch launch date/price/use speculation

Speculations around the launch of Apple watch mainly revolve around a single question; Will it be a success?…

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Can retailers cater for the smart Christmas shopper?

Posted by Jhanvi Gudka on Nov 05, 2014

chrimbshopYet another year has flown by and the time for family, mulled wine and an overload of food is fast approaching. However, what would the day be without a gift or three? With less than two months to go before Christmas, consumers and retailers are bracing themselves for the imminent festive shopping spree.

December 2013 saw online trade cater for almost 20% of all Christmas sales, revealing record figures for the amount of internet shopping. Couple this with the proliferation of the smart technology that has defined recent years and it’s clear that retailers must revolutionise the shopping experience to match customer expectations.

Personalising the relationship

In a trend that is growing exponentially, consumers now expect a connected and seamless experience on all of their devices, regardless of whether they are shopping online or in-store. A recent survey conducted by Leadership Factor across 2,000 consumers, revealed that almost 25% of people feel frustrated when retailers have no record of their customer history, despite having been previously asked to divulge their details from a different device.…

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Get your head out of the cloud

Posted by Joe McNamara on Nov 05, 2014

cloudAccording to Cisco’s Global Cloud Index, global cloud IP traffic will account for more than three quarters (76%) of total data centre traffic by 2018. The forecast estimates that global cloud traffic will quadruple over this five year period, expanding at 32% CAGR until 2018.

Fascinating stuff… but the concept of cloud computing is one of the most oversimplified and misunderstood in the entire technology industry. For the tech PR, the challenge is to make sense of the cloud behemoth and more importantly find ways of differentiating their clients’ cloud-based services.

Let’s be clear about one thing though. Cloud is fast becoming an indefinable term. It refers to enterprise storage and applications that allow people to access and use information from multiple sites. It also refers to what are commonly termed ‘personal cloud’ services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud.

But what people tend to forget is that online chat services (Facebook, Skype); email clients (Gmail, Hotmail); productivity apps (Evernote, Wunderlist); online dating (Tinder, Match); music streaming and sharing services (Spotify, Soundcloud) are all cloud-based.…

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How real tech innovation makes PR easier

Posted by Sanjay Dove on Nov 04, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I went to a restaurant that, hands down, is the coolest restaurant I’ve ever been to. If you’ve ever been to Inamo in Soho, London, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

The reason Inamo is such a fantastic restaurant is because it sticks two fingers up at the traditional — and perhaps slightly antiquated — dining experience, and embraces the delights of technology in a wonderfully innovative way. Introducing the interactive table…

Inamo interactive table

Using the mousepad in the corner of the table, one can:

  • Browse the menu
  • Order food and drinks as and when you want
  • Play games like battleships with the person opposite you
  • Get a view of the kitchen from the “kitchen cam”
  • Buy merchandise
  • Change the projected-image tablecloth
  • Call over the waiter
  • Order your bill at the end

It really was a lot of fun playing around the table’s features. And the first thing I wanted to do after the meal was tell as many people as possible about the experience, whether that was via social media, face-to-face conversations, WhatsApp, megaphone on street corners…

It just goes to show how easy PR can be when you’ve got a great idea and you run with it.…

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#Bendygate: yesterday’s technology in tomorrow’s clothes?

Posted by Ella Delancey on Oct 06, 2014

BentIn the running for 2014’s biggest first world problem – the new iPhone bends if you stick it in your skinny jeans, which makes for a lot of very sad hipsters this week.

Due to the iPhone 6’s ‘dramatically thin and aluminium design’, the phone has been said to begin warping after being in the back pocket for some time. Computer Bild, Germany’s best-selling consumer technology magazine, posted a video demonstrating how easy bending the new smartphone is. This prompted an angry response from Cupertino with Computer Bild now supposedly banned from receiving future Apple products and attending events. I’ll come on to that.

Apple does seem to be the one company that bears the brunt of hyper-criticism when it launches new products, while it still enjoys a fair share of unconditional love from its many fan-boys and girls.

Either way, no other company is subjected to so much scrutiny. Within days the #bendygate was clogging up my Twitter feeds – a typically rational reaction to a handful of phones bending out of the 10 million sold in just three days!…

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