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#Bendygate: yesterday’s technology in tomorrow’s clothes?

Posted by Ella Delancey on Oct 06, 2014

BentIn the running for 2014’s biggest first world problem – the new iPhone bends if you stick it in your skinny jeans, which makes for a lot of very sad hipsters this week.

Due to the iPhone 6’s ‘dramatically thin and aluminium design’, the phone has been said to begin warping after being in the back pocket for some time. Computer Bild, Germany’s best-selling consumer technology magazine, posted a video demonstrating how easy bending the new smartphone is. This prompted an angry response from Cupertino with Computer Bild now supposedly banned from receiving future Apple products and attending events. I’ll come on to that.

Apple does seem to be the one company that bears the brunt of hyper-criticism when it launches new products, while it still enjoys a fair share of unconditional love from its many fan-boys and girls.

Either way, no other company is subjected to so much scrutiny. Within days the #bendygate was clogging up my Twitter feeds – a typically rational reaction to a handful of phones bending out of the 10 million sold in just three days!…

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It’s news to us: tech stories that caught our eye in June

Posted by Alex Warren on Jul 04, 2014

E3: Games, Games and…. Well, just more games

Last year’s E3 was a surplus of long-awaited titles, consoles and gaming-innovation. We saw the launch of the new Xbox One and the Playstation 4, as well as major announcements from Nintendo, Oculus Rift and Android Mojo. Sadly, E3 2014 just couldn’t quite live up to its predecessor. While the event delivered on several long overdue new games, many fans were disappointed by the lack of fresh hardware and devices. As the evening went on it became clear that all anyone was planning on talking about was games, games and more games. Having said that however, Sony proved the exception to the rule with the launch of a white PS4 and a pre-existing PlayStation TV box …not exactly groundbreaking innovations.

Amazon starts a Fire in the mobile marketplace

After months of tax issues and negative publicity, June finally saw Amazon taking home a win with its new “Amazon Fire Phone”.…

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Are machines really taking over the world?

Posted by Salla Savolainen on Jul 02, 2014

RobotsReading technology news these days you’d be forgiven for thinking that the world is being plunged into a sci-fi movie, of the I, Robot variety (for those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s set in 2035 when robots are in every household and assist people with their daily tasks, and most things have become machine-operated, such as cars and home appliances).

Despite us still being in 2014, robots are becoming more and more common, especially in the workplace, with the International Federation of Robotics announcing that last year the global sale of industrial robots hit an all-time high of 179,000.

This has really been a big year for robotics, with the first ever robot passing the Turing test; ‘Eugene Goostman’ convinced judges for a third of the time that rather than being an automated machine, he was a young Ukrainian teen. Japan’s SoftBank Corporation also created a robot, Pepper, capable of reading human emotions and making what they call ‘independent decisions’ and similarly, ‘Bob’ is an office robot who patrols checking for anomalies and making a report of them.…

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It’s news to us: tech stories that caught our eye in May

Posted by Ella Delancey on Jun 04, 2014

Google/YouTube prepping to buy Twitch – 18th May

Twitch, the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers, is on the cusp of being bought by YouTube for around $1bn.

More than 45 million gamers gather every month to broadcast, watch and chat via the Twitch platform. While YouTube relies largely on uploaded videos, Twitch is more akin to live television. If the deal goes through, YouTube would become the place for both on-demand and live video – certainly the model for the future of internet video entertainment.

In the past, Twitch has had issues with reliable streaming – a problem YouTube could be in a position to solve.

Apart from the fact that the takeover may incur the need for a Google Account to access Twitch, many hardcore gamers are unhappy, wondering if the platform will stay the same. The main worries are about YouTube mishandling Twitch or potentially alienating users through unpopular changes to the existing service (akin to when Google acquired YouTube and began forcing comments through Google+).…

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Why you shouldn’t listen to your customers

Posted by Alex Warren on Jun 04, 2014

5325053378_28d82f3a8b_zThe customer is always right, or so the cliché goes.

For the majority of businesses, customer feedback represents a company’s biggest asset. Pick up any marketing or business textbook and I guarantee that within five minutes you will have read that the customer is always right, that a two-way dialogue is a healthy dialogue, and that businesses should be doing more to listen to their customers’ opinions. It’s market research 101.

The only problem with these statements is that they don’t seem to account for all those occasions when the customer wasn’t right. They don’t explain the fact that, despite ever-increasing market research budgets, up to 80% of all new product launches still fail within the first 12 months. Perhaps then, customers can’t actually tell us what they want, because they don’t know themselves.

As much as we all like to tell ourselves that we’re rational consumers who undertake sensible and carefully considered decision making, the truth is that at our very core, most of us are inherently irrational beings – especially when it comes to opening up our wallets.…

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