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Want to reach tech buyers? It’s all about content and interaction

Posted by Louise Andrews on Feb 13, 2014

Social mediaAt EML Wildfire our focus is tech PR campaigns that go beyond press coverage generation to engage target audiences and incite actions that help to drive technology sales.

That’s why a recent report from Vanson Bourne, Social media: the key to buyer engagement? piqued  my interest. It presents the opinions of 300 UK IT decision makers, a critical audience for many of the tech PR campaigns we run for our software and communications clients, alongside views of tech vendors on their brand communication challenges.

Social media: the place to influence decision makers

If you’re looking to use social media channels to reach the ultimate tech decision maker then it appears you are focusing on the right area.

According to the Vanson Bourne study, senior decision makers (think CEO or business owner) outstrip other influencers of solution choice in connecting to bloggers, analysts and media on social platforms. They are also more likely to share content on social platforms too.…

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The 5 ways to make your PR more effective

Posted by Louise Andrews on Jan 29, 2014

PR Vital SignsWhat’s the secret to PR success in today’s real-time communications world? Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but I may have found the answer.

PR Vital Signs, an initiative led by EML Wildfire that launched this week, sets out a new measurement framework for PR effectiveness.  The comprehensive study involved benchmarking the PR approach of over 80 tech-focused organisations in the UK and US, through interviews and in-depth analysis.

The result? A clear view on the activities and approaches that ensure PR performs as a strategic function that impacts real business outcomes.

The PR Vital Signs study has uncovered five core areas that will ensure your PR programme delivers optimal value in today’s ever-evolving communications environment:

  1. Work in real-time. The PR profession is evolving rapidly to keep pace with changes in the communications and business landscape. It’s a 24/7, real-time communications environment. Monitor and respond to the dynamics of this landscape and focus on effective execution to ensure quality responses, particularly to the unexpected.

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Top tips for running a successful Christmas event

Posted by Kat Farminer on Dec 02, 2013

ChristmasTreeUnless you’ve been burying your head in the sand for the last few weeks, it won’t have escaped your notice that Christmas is just around the corner. For the majority of the population Christmas is something they only have to think about for a couple of weeks each year. For any B2C focused PR and some B2B PR, the festive season starts in June.

With a nice mix of ‘silly season’ festive story opportunities and a plethora of Christmas Gift Guides on offer it is no wonder that the PR wheel goes into overdrive. To maximise the opportunity, it’s all about being prepared:

1. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon 

If you’re thinking about ‘doing some Christmas PR’ just because you think you should, the chances are that you are destined to fail. If you genuinely have a product that people might like to give as a gift (or indeed receive) or a strong hook as to why your company can talk about a seasonal story then you could be onto a winner – read on!…

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SEO: Hot for PR or not?

Posted by Debby Penton on Nov 21, 2013

Magnifying glassSEO is right up there with hot PR topics for the PR industry, along with measurement, social media and content marketing. But regular changes from Google hoping to stop SEOs trying to game their algorithms can cause headaches for even the most SEO-savvy PRs.

We carried out a survey of 250 marketing decision makers which confirms that almost 75% of marketers believe an understanding of SEO is important to marketing, and 68% state that SEO is now a core part of their organisations’ marketing strategy.

But only one in three believe they have the SEO knowledge in-house to deliver on this strategy, highlighting their dependence on external agencies.  So can PR help?

Well, yes, in theory. Despite recent alarmist proclamations that Google killed PR, the opposite is in fact true. PR is now more relevant to SEO than ever. On top of delivering huge value in building awareness, managing reputation, and even generating business, PR can now have the biggest impact in your search rankings.…

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EML Wildfire releases major new International PR Guide for the electronics sector

Posted by Alex Perryman on Nov 15, 2013

International sign postPR has become increasingly internationalised in recent years. The electronics industry, in particular, relies on extending its value propositions beyond home borders.

Local customs, language concerns, and the need for local representation, and a whole host of country-specific considerations need to be taken into account for your news to be carried convincingly.

While it’s technically easier-than-ever to send your news far and wide, International PR is not something on which to go off half-cocked. Whether tackled as a discrete, time-bounded project or as part of a longer-term, ongoing programme of work, if you don’t do international PR in the right way, with the right amount of resource, expertise and focus, it’s usually better not to do it at all.

Most electronics companies understand this, and it’s one of the reasons international PR is sometimes viewed apprehensively.

But help is at hand…

EML Wildfire has now released a short ‘How to’ guide to International Electronics PR, that you can download for free!…

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