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The three big trends we saw at #MWC2015

Posted by Alex Warren on Mar 06, 2015

IMG_0094This week I took a trip to sunny Spain to check out the world’s largest conference for the mobile industry, MWC.

Hosted by the GSMA, the show features the latest portable technologies from the likes of Samsung and Sony, as well as showcasing independent devices from a whole host of international start-ups.

As a complete MWC virgin – and someone who rarely leaves Britain’s grey and cloudy shores – I had no idea what to expect from the 80,000 strong, Barcelona-based congress. Still, despite some initial reservations, I’d like to think that I
embraced the opportunity with open arms and wide-eyed optimism (the promise of free Estrella may have also helped).

Here are a few of the things I found out at this year’s show: 

Wearables are already wearing out

The main thing I saw at Mobile World Congress was, well, mobiles.

Ok, admittedly that doesn’t sound like the most insightful observation; however it does raise an interesting point about the show.…

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What we’re expecting at MWC next week

Posted by Darren Willsher on Feb 26, 2015

Mobile World CongressWith MWC just days away, we’ve already seen plenty of announcements and launches as companies get stories out ahead of time.

Wildfire will be at the show for our tenth year no less — so what do we think are the big themes the media will be quizzing our clients about this year?


Only this time last year it seemed that the mere mention of 5G was a daft idea, but just look back at the last 12 months and the volume of updates and announcements on the topic — even though we don’t know what it is/might be/could be.

Expect 5G to be a big topic for the media at MWC this year, with one already posing the ‘inevitable 5G question’ as part of a recent interview.

If you haven’t already thought about how your story fits into 5G then it’s not too late — just don’t be ‘that company’ claiming to be showing something that we all know doesn’t really exist yet.…

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MWC 2015: The beginning of the end for smartphones?

Posted by Ben Smith on Nov 26, 2014

Smashed phoneAnd so to the slightly Alice in Wonderland world of wireless electronics. Smartphones may still seem like relatively new products for us consumers, but as far as the device manufacturers are concerned it seems they are already yesterday’s news.

A report from Caroline Gabriel at Rethink Wireless has highlighted how moves from Intel and Samsung have signalled an admission that they need to “look beyond handsets for growth in devices”.

So, farewell then smartphones?

Perhaps not as far as you and I are concerned, certainly for the foreseeable future smartphones will remain the dominant high-end mobile handset category. But for the manufacturers it seems they will start to be de-emphasised, along with tablets, as they look for the next ‘hero’ product that will create bigger margins and drive new growth.

Interestingly, when it comes to this ‘so what next’ question the reports don’t sound too promising. Of course manufacturers are looking at new ‘post-PC’ form factors, but there are also high hopes for new flexible screen technology.…

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The Amazon Fire Phone: yet another wall for the Android garden

Posted by Alex Perryman on Jun 23, 2014

amazon fire phoneAmazon’s new Fire smartphone has been a popular talking point over the last week.

It must be said, the Amazon Fire has some interesting features; mainly its tightly-integrated purchasing and media services designed to hook you back into Amazon’s ecosphere and make it harder for you to get out:

  • It’ll listen to tunes and buy them from the Amazon store
  • It’ll automatically identify television series that you like and download episodes automatically for you in the background, so they’re always there, downloaded when you want them.
  • It will automatically recognise objects and let you buy them from Amazon

Indeed, Chief executive Jeff Bezos portrayed the Fire Phone primarily as a gateway to Amazon’s own services.

So what’s the problem?

While none of this is hugely original, it’s all perfectly nice. It’s obvious that Amazon is making a play to own the whole end-to-end process from phone to app/object purchase.

However, there are a whole series of objections to trying to further this business model through this particular phone.…

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Small Cells get clever at SCWS

Posted by Darren Willsher on Jun 19, 2014

Small Cell World ForumLast week we were supporting the Small Cell Forum at Small Cell World Summit in London – a conference that explores part of the telecoms world dedicated to providing coverage and capacity wherever it’s needed.

Caroline Gabriel of Maravedis-Rethink has put together an excellent summary of the show, but for me what was clear this year is that small cells are starting to appeal to more than just the telecoms space.

You might recognise small cells in the form of the Vodafone Sure Signal, but this is a technology that is increasingly being used on a much larger scale, providing coverage and quick data rates in airports, busy city centres or stadiums.

It’s these deployments that open up small cells to a range of clever new applications, from measuring visitor flow in shopping centres to targeting special offers and services.

While these applications have been possible for some time now, at the show we saw several announcements that directly address this and it’s an area that seems to be gaining real traction.…

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