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The Amazon Fire Phone: yet another wall for the Android garden

Posted by Alex Perryman on Jun 23, 2014

amazon fire phoneAmazon’s new Fire smartphone has been a popular talking point over the last week.

It must be said, the Amazon Fire has some interesting features; mainly its tightly-integrated purchasing and media services designed to hook you back into Amazon’s ecosphere and make it harder for you to get out:

  • It’ll listen to tunes and buy them from the Amazon store
  • It’ll automatically identify television series that you like and download episodes automatically for you in the background, so they’re always there, downloaded when you want them.
  • It will automatically recognise objects and let you buy them from Amazon

Indeed, Chief executive Jeff Bezos portrayed the Fire Phone primarily as a gateway to Amazon’s own services.

So what’s the problem?

While none of this is hugely original, it’s all perfectly nice. It’s obvious that Amazon is making a play to own the whole end-to-end process from phone to app/object purchase.

However, there are a whole series of objections to trying to further this business model through this particular phone.…

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Small Cells get clever at SCWS

Posted by Darren Willsher on Jun 19, 2014

Small Cell World ForumLast week we were supporting the Small Cell Forum at Small Cell World Summit in London – a conference that explores part of the telecoms world dedicated to providing coverage and capacity wherever it’s needed.

Caroline Gabriel of Maravedis-Rethink has put together an excellent summary of the show, but for me what was clear this year is that small cells are starting to appeal to more than just the telecoms space.

You might recognise small cells in the form of the Vodafone Sure Signal, but this is a technology that is increasingly being used on a much larger scale, providing coverage and quick data rates in airports, busy city centres or stadiums.

It’s these deployments that open up small cells to a range of clever new applications, from measuring visitor flow in shopping centres to targeting special offers and services.

While these applications have been possible for some time now, at the show we saw several announcements that directly address this and it’s an area that seems to be gaining real traction.…

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The death of the pocket: could a smartphone be the only thing you need one day?

Posted by Joe McNamara on Mar 31, 2014

medium_2830319467Smartphones are making their way through our collection of personal belongings and replacing their uses at a rate of knots. We’re relying less on bulky alternatives such as TVs and laptops and spending more time with our faces buried in those portable devices that give us every feature under the sun.

But will smartphones begin to replace other ‘things’? And, if so, how will this affect the way they are marketed?

Phone, keys, wallet…

These items are pretty much the only three things that non-smoking males check their pockets for before they leave the house. Well the good news for skinny-jeaned tech enthusiasts is that we may all have a lot more room in our pockets very soon – in fact we might not need them at all.

We’re already witnessing the smartphone being asked to hold more than just the more ‘every day’ requirements (messages, calls, photos and gaming). For example, Starwood Hotels & Resorts are trialing a smartphone app that allows guests to use their smartphone as their hotel room key.  …

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Ericsson and Sony Mobile winning the social media battle ahead of MWC

Posted by Darren Willsher on Feb 18, 2014

MWC tweetsMany of the big names at MWC are failing to make the most of their social media channels, with some completely failing to engage with followers.

Ahead of the show this year, we took a look at ten of the ‘biggest’ names at the show to find out how they’re using Twitter and Facebook and where they’re falling short. Sony Mobile was the best consumer brand, with Ericsson topping the vendors.

Sony Mobile’s excellent Facebook page took it into first place overall ahead of Huawei and Samsung Mobile, with Ericsson impressing across both of its global Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Rather than looking at follower numbers or Facebook fans, we analysed how the pages were being used and the type of content being published, using the same scoring system from our annual review of the Deloitte Fast 50.

For mobile companies it’s fair to say that social media is an important channel and one that it pays to get right – just look at the response of O2 in last year’s network outage to see how your social media team can turn around a crisis.…

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The future of mobile: contact without communication

Posted by Alex Warren on Feb 03, 2014

origin_7370505166With MWC fast approaching, tech enthusiasts everywhere are waiting with bated breath to discover what life-changing opportunities the next generation of shiny plastic rectangles will hold for humanity. As with every technology before them, next-gen mobiles are going to get faster, thinner, and – inevitably – solve all the world’s problems.

Ok, maybe that’s a little optimistic. Still, it genuinely amazes me the level of utopian adoration that people hold towards their phones. On average, people spend more hours a day with their mobiles than they do in the company of their loved ones. We just can’t seem to help ourselves. We happily sit for hours, staring at them, stroking them, responding to their cries; we even get anxious if they’re not around. Anyone would think we were in love!

In amongst this frenzied reverence, it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of assuming mobile phones can do no wrong.…

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