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Why Tinder’s ‘Twitter meltdown’ was entirely justified and it’s the media that needs to get a grip

Posted by Ian McKee on Aug 12, 2015

TinderA recent article by journalist Nancy Jo Sales in Vanity Fair entitled “Tinder and the Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse” has clearly upset the guys running the hugely popular dating app Tinder.

This led to a slew of critical public tweets from the company’s official Twitter account yesterday and today, making the case that statistics used in the article are factually incorrect. It also suggested that Tinder had not been contacted in the writing of the article, making the case that that is what journalists generally do.

Now, I don’t want to get too bogged down in the who’s right and who’s wrong of the argument here. I haven’t looked at either sets of research which seem to form the main crux of dispute. I’m not and never have been a Tinder user (I’m married, and not part of the 1.7% of users Tinder acknowledges are married) so can’t call myself a fan of the app, and equally can’t remember ever reading Vanity Fair.…

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How Microsoft’s ‘mobile first, cloud first’ strategy is encroaching this Apple fan boy’s working life

Posted by Ian McKee on Jul 28, 2015

Satya NadellaI am an unabashed Apple fan. But I’ll never try very hard to defend Apple software. Hardware, obviously. At the operating system level, Apple reigns supreme. At the individual application level? Not so much.

I have a folder on my iPhone titled ‘Apple Cr*p’. It’s where I put all the stock Apple apps that I don’t use but can’t delete, because there are better versions of each that have supplanted them. Occasionally I’ll scroll through it and think, “why doesn’t Apple acquire all the app developer companies that have built the better apps that have led me to do this?”

Before now, I’ve come up with a list that looks a bit like this:

  • Reminders = Wunderlist
  • Notes = Evernote
  • Calendar = Sunrise
  • Mail = Mailbox (or… Accompli)
  • Weather = Dark Sky

It’s not as if Apple doesn’t have the cash to acquire a few relatively small development companies. And it would make sense as an extension of the kind of developer support Apple support prides itself on.…

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4K smart phones: a stunning vision or dispensable fad?

Posted by Hannah Wright on Apr 22, 2015

PixelsThis week, Sharp announced the first smartphone screen capable of showing images in a stunning 4K quality – four times the resolution of standard high definition screens. And, despite higher resolutions typically draining battery life, Sharp has promised to overcome this bugbear while providing a smart phone with crystal clear picture quality.

Sounds like a dream, right? Think again…

An unnecessary concept

For some cynics, there is a question mark over the true benefit of 4K consumer smartphones. Experts are arguing that our eyes cannot make out this extra sharp resolution on such a small screen, claiming “the screen must be quite large and you must sit fairly close”. This raises the question as to whether manufacturers will be involved in 4K smartphones solely to market themselves in a fresh and innovative way and boost sales.

Some consumers are also skeptical as to whether there is a true need for this future technology.…

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The three big trends we saw at #MWC2015

Posted by Alex Warren on Mar 06, 2015

IMG_0094This week I took a trip to sunny Spain to check out the world’s largest conference for the mobile industry, MWC.

Hosted by the GSMA, the show features the latest portable technologies from the likes of Samsung and Sony, as well as showcasing independent devices from a whole host of international start-ups.

As a complete MWC virgin – and someone who rarely leaves Britain’s grey and cloudy shores – I had no idea what to expect from the 80,000 strong, Barcelona-based congress. Still, despite some initial reservations, I’d like to think that I
embraced the opportunity with open arms and wide-eyed optimism (the promise of free Estrella may have also helped).

Here are a few of the things I found out at this year’s show: 

Wearables are already wearing out

The main thing I saw at Mobile World Congress was, well, mobiles.

Ok, admittedly that doesn’t sound like the most insightful observation; however it does raise an interesting point about the show.…

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What we’re expecting at MWC next week

Posted by Darren Willsher on Feb 26, 2015

Mobile World CongressWith MWC just days away, we’ve already seen plenty of announcements and launches as companies get stories out ahead of time.

Wildfire will be at the show for our tenth year no less — so what do we think are the big themes the media will be quizzing our clients about this year?


Only this time last year it seemed that the mere mention of 5G was a daft idea, but just look back at the last 12 months and the volume of updates and announcements on the topic — even though we don’t know what it is/might be/could be.

Expect 5G to be a big topic for the media at MWC this year, with one already posing the ‘inevitable 5G question’ as part of a recent interview.

If you haven’t already thought about how your story fits into 5G then it’s not too late — just don’t be ‘that company’ claiming to be showing something that we all know doesn’t really exist yet.…

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