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5 things about viral campaigns brands can learn from #nomakeupselfie

Posted by Joe McNamara on Mar 31, 2014

WhoNeedsMakeupThe #nomakeupselfie has undeniably been a success for a great cause, helping to raise over £8 million for Cancer Research in one week. Considering that this ‘campaign’ was actually a fad that started with no charity links, what does it teach us about ‘virality’ on social media?

1. People are a bit vain

The fact the selfie exists at all shows that people want to splash their own faces around the Internet as much as possible. The no makeup selfie is barely any different. What this shows us from a brand perspective is that a successful online campaign will often encourage people to self-broadcast rather than just promote your brand/campaign outright. So it’s helpful to give them something to broadcast! This can be anything from photos to information about themselves.

2. People like to do something good

Social media is largely about broadcasting a positive image of yourself. People love to share instances of them having fun, doing something different or doing something good (i.e.…

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Top marketing tech journo predictions for 2014

Posted by Vicki Eltis on Jan 03, 2014

LoveSocialThe buzzwords of 2013 were big data, programmatic buying and personalisation. In fact, according to Google Trends, programmatic buying didn’t even exist as a term until late 2012 and by November last year search interest for the term had soared.

Econsultancy’s Chris Lake was on the mark when he said in last year’s predictions that it would be about catering for the right kind of audience. All of these trends were, to one extent or another, about using data to automate better customer experiences.

And while 2013 brought us memorable creative marketing and ad campaigns – such as Coca-Cola reintroducing that Diet Coke guy, TalkTalk making us feel united with the ‘Nothing’s gonna stop us now’ advert and Three’s #DancePonyDance – it is questionable as to how effectively brands managed to capitalise on these data-led trends. Marketing of 2014 will dig deeper than that to find out more about why audiences purchase certain things.…

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Listen up here’s a story

Posted by Darren Willsher on Sep 23, 2013

Story tellingLast week I was at a PR Moment conference looking at the role of public relations as a content provider.

If you missed out then the folks at Mynewsdesk have put together a Storify from the event.

For some, storytelling is what good PR is all about already. Surely any decent PR will already consider themselves a storyteller of sorts, helping clients to find out what their company has been up to and why it might be interesting.

Yet I’ve seen enough journalists complaining that PRs are getting too clever with stories and headlines and that they just want us to present the facts and leave the rest to them.

So what is the role of PR?

In the first session MoneySuperMarket explained how it now has a 16-strong editorial team to produce content for its website –  a completely separate team to the PR, advertising and SEO functions. That’s a massive investment in producing content directly aimed at its audience.…

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Trendwatch: How could agile marketing apply to social media, PR, SEO and content?

Posted by Ian McKee on Aug 01, 2013

cheetahSince the birth of the Lean Startup movement just about everyone in business is starting to apply the principles beyond tech startups, making sure they’re lean enough to pivot at any moment and sticking the word ‘agile’ on the front of everything.
There’s agile development, agile project management, agile finance, agile testing and naturally, now there’s agile marketing.

The lean model is all about stripping away the unnecessary from a business process in order to be able to adapt on the fly, to the intelligence learnt from moving quickly and not overcommitting in terms of resource.

That agile approach is now getting applied to marketing, where it makes a lot of sense. Do more, more often, don’t over commit, analyse results as you go so you learn what works fast and can do more of it.

So how does that work in real terms?

Agile social media

Social media seems to be the area where agile marketing gets talked about most, and where there are plenty of real examples.…

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Our top tip for content marketing

Posted by Debby Penton on Jul 01, 2013

EW_PenNot another content marketing blog, I hear you cry.  Yes, it seems everyone is jumping on this bandwagon at the moment. A quick Google search for the term throws up 780m results.

But surely, we’ve all been producing marketing content for years, so what’s all the fuss about?

Essentially, content marketing is all about supercharging the effectiveness of your content by putting a strategy and process behind it to help you attract relevant prospects and convert new customers.

And it’s about really making your content stand out so that it engages your target audience, and then using all the channels at your disposal to reach that audience.

But, there is one channel that marketers all too often overlook, or just add as an afterthought.  The media!

Why go to all the bother of creating amazing pieces of content, without going the extra mile to come up with a compelling news hook that will amplify your content WAY beyond the realms of other inbound, and even outbound, marketing techniques?…

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