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Why are the UK’s top tech companies still not blogging?

Posted by Joe McNamara on Mar 04, 2014

notepadI was pretty down in 2012 when our annual ‘How Social Are You?’ report revealed that the Deloitte Tech Fast 50 had seemingly quit blogging. So you’d think that I’m really happy that our 2013 figures show a 20% rise, with 48% of the fastest growing tech companies regularly updating this owned media channel.

Well I’m not. I still don’t get it. That’s still under half of the so-called movers and shakers in our industry. Yet if I visit their website to find out what cool stuff they’ve been moving and shaking recently, I have to leaf through their corporate press releases. Or the more likely scenario, leave the website and read about them elsewhere.

Blogging is a means of communicating your personality and business values to your customers and partners. It also gives people something new and hopefully interesting to share. Not to mention that regularly posting new content and attracting web traffic brings value in terms of SEO.…

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Look out for EML Wildfire at Embedded World 2014

Posted by Joe McNamara on Feb 13, 2014

Embedded World is the world’s largest trade fair for the embedded electronics and systems community – held annually at the Messezentrum in Nuremburg, Germany.

As is customary, a few of our better-looking members of staff will be among the 22,000 visitors expected to attend the 2014 show, which runs from the 25th – 27th February.

More importantly, a number of our clients will be among the 900 exhibitors displaying their wares, including: Farnell element14, XMOS and Synopsys.

Just looking at those three names side-by-side gives a fair indication of the breadth of topics we’ll see covered at Embedded World 2014 and the range of industries with an interest in the technologies on show.

As well as generally swotting up, we’ll be on-hand to catch-up with all our friends in the embedded electronics industry and put a few more names to faces. Be sure to bump into us when we’re hurtling around the show floor or recovering with a few drinks in the aftermath.…

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How to use a B2C approach to stimulate your B2B campaign

Posted by Kat Farminer on Oct 31, 2013

ThinkingOutsideBoxWe work with a mix of B2B and B2C clients and while generally the approaches are very different, there can be advantages in applying some creative, consumer-facing techniques to all sorts of B2B propositions. After all, we are all consumers!

This is something we have been doing successfully for clients for many years, most recently for gesture recognition brand eyeSight. So we’ve pulled together some top reasons to give it a try:

  • Accessible messaging: PR is about reaching key decision makers and while it is not suitable for all, a B2C approach does simplify your proposition for the average consumer, so why not use this to your advantage for high-level decision makers who may not have the technical knowledge to understand your B2B sell.
  • Reigniting the spark: When you know your proposition inside out there is a danger that your message can become stagnant. Trying to explain your proposition in a completely different way can rekindle the passion and enthusiasm of key spokespeople.

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Say hello to EML Wildfire’s new PR dashboard

Posted by Chris King on Oct 01, 2013

EML Wildfire Measurement Dashboard   Just another WordPress siteFor such an established industry, PR can be pretty lax about tracking KPIs and metrics. Too often businesses fail to properly identify where PR can have an impact and what that impact should be. The reason for ‘doing PR’ becomes fluffy and isn’t aligned to business goals. And the result is that campaigns fail to deliver and attempts to prove ROI prove impossible.

At EML Wildfire we’ve always believed that any investment you make needs to have an impact on your bottom line, and in this regard, PR is no different. That’s why we’ve developed and honed an approach that ensures our activity delivers results that helps impact your sales funnel at every stage and where we try to measure the real-time business impact of your PR activity – not just in traditional column inches. In any campaign we aim to measure outputs (what we have delivered), outcomes (what these outputs achieved) and the impact of our activity, with an array of metrics.…

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EML Wildfire staff (and WAGs) keep it hot on the Capital to Coast charity bike ride

Posted by Alex Perryman on Jul 01, 2013

EW_BikeOn the last day of June, three brave EML Wildfireans, Richard, David and Alex, completed the 60 mile Capital to Coast bike ride between London and Brighton. Also present were three family-member ‘hangers on’, obviously desperate for the natural cache that follows any EML Wildfire staff member.

On one of the hottest days of the year, the team completed the trip in a leisurely, (and extremely hilly) 6 hours. Despite some borderline heatstroke action, and a perilous couple of hours without coffee, everyone (and their bikes) survived across the finish line, raising over £800 for cancer and Downs Syndrome charities.


The team extends its thanks to all friends, family and clients who donated.

If you’re feeling kind, the team can still be retrospectively sponsored here.


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