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Five tech stories I won’t miss in 2015

Posted by Pelin Wolk on Dec 18, 2014

blah, blah, blah,Lists are classics at the end of the year: Christmas lists, resolutions for the coming year, and annual wrap-ups such as Top Three Most Watched YouTube Videos, Top Five Awkward Francois Hollande Moments 2014, and, of course, Top Ten Tech Stories 2014. Lists are all time favourites of journalists to provide a quick read for people who want to be informed but don’t want to go in too deep. They are snappy pieces of content that are to the point and therefore super popular.

Of course, really, lists are only ever an adequate way to cover issues that are simple and straightforward enough to be presented as something as trivial as a list. Which tech stories normally are not.

Still, in honour of the tradition – and mainly because these stories don’t deserve any better – here come my 2014 top five most hated tech stories, the ones I can do without in 2015:

1) Apple watch launch date/price/use speculation

Speculations around the launch of Apple watch mainly revolve around a single question; Will it be a success?…

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‘Facebook at Work’: It might be time to change your Facebook photo

Posted by Alex Perryman on Dec 10, 2014

I’m going to confess something: I spend an unhealthy amount of time on Facebook.

Beyond my professional duties of helping to administer or contribute to various business pages, far too much of my life is lived in The Big Blue app.

Like many, I use Facebook to scream my ill-informed (and often quite political) views at friends who, being friends, will shrug and ignore me. No damage done. And, like many, I keep my personal and professional lives separate. ‘LinkedIn is for business, Facebook is for personal use’. Frankly I’d prefer my superiors aren’t subjected to my Malaga snaps.

Hence why I’ve tracked news of Facebook’s separate Facebook at Work project with interest. I feel like the idea of being able to run two completely separate streams has merit.

However, I’ve noticed a fairly worryingly trend occurring in Facebook.

Facebook seems to have started very aggressively recommending ‘people you may know’ that I am connected to through work.…

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The Burned Out Blogger’s Guide to PR: an excellent intro to tech startup PR

Posted by Ian McKee on Dec 09, 2014

Burned Out Blogger's Guide to PRYou get some very mixed results when it comes to journalists attempting to explain how to do PR. On the one hand, their experience naturally gives them the perspective on how journalists really do their jobs, unique insights into what they might look for and how to really pitch a story.

On the other, they can have a bit of a narrowed view on what the job of the PR is. So much of the time I read or hear the views of journalists who appear to be under the assertion that PRs work for them, and not for their clients.

So it was with an intrepid mix of wariness and willingness to stay open-minded that I downloaded Jason Kincaid’s The Burned-Out Blogger’s Guide to PR onto my generic eBook reading device. Would this be another pointless reporter-rant blog post stretched out over an entire book, or could it contain some nuggets of wisdom hitherto unknown to me?…

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Oreos, YouTube and transparency in social media marketing

Posted by Louise Andrews on Dec 08, 2014

OreoThe need for transparency when it comes to paid-for product promotion came to the fore recently, with the Advertising Standards Authority’s ruling that a video paid for by Oreos that featured YouTube stars broke advertising code.

The popular chocolate biscuit brand paid a host of YouTube stars to promote its product in videos.

Now there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with these vloggers receiving money for their brand endorsement efforts. The issue is that they must make it very clear to fans and viewers that they aren’t simply doing this out of their love for the product.

As The Guardian reports, Mondelēz, the parent company for the Oreo brand, said they weren’t intentionally trying to be misleading and each vlogger did state they were working with Oreo. But in the words of the ASA, the ads must be ‘obviously identifiable marketing communications’.  According to the ASA, they were not.

What does this landmark ruling mean for brands, marketers and their PR agencies?…

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P-P-P-P-PR a Penguin

Posted by Alex Warren on Dec 04, 2014

maxresdefaultWhen it comes to marketing, it takes a lot of guts to take on a brand like Coca Cola. For years, the soft drinks vendor has dominated Christmas advertising with its red trucks, animated polar bears, and suitably bloated Santa Claus. For the last few years however, a growing focus on improved storytelling has left Coca Cola’s advertising team standing out in the cold. Now, there’s a new player in town, and his name is Monty the Penguin.

For the last four years, John Lewis has dominated the Christmas airwaves with tales of friendship, family, and the “true” meaning of Christmas. This year was no exception, with the release of the retailer’s latest advertising mascot: Monty – the little penguin who just wanted to be loved.

Only one month after its launch the campaign is already pegged for multiple advertising awards, with Monty himself expected to go down in ad history alongside Alexander the Meerkat, and that grubby Yorkshire tyke from the Hovis adverts.…

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