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PR is NOT a lead generation tool

Posted by Debby Penton on Nov 20, 2014


Don’t get caught up in last click attribution when trying to measure the impact of PR

In my last blog post I talked about how important PR can be in supporting inbound marketing and driving potential prospects to your website. But beware of viewing PR as a lead generation tool. (And to my fellow PRs don’t ever devalue the work you do by being tempted to sell your work on a cost per acquisition basis.) While digital measurement does give us visibility into the power of PR in building links, driving traffic etc, to boil down the impact of PR to these data points would be the end of our profession.

Just as online retailers are turning their backs on last click attribution (LCA), where the affiliate partner carrying the advert that finally drives a customer through to your site before purchase gets 100% of the reward for the sale, marketers must consider the influence of PR throughout the customer journey.…

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Five things I learnt at The Festival of Marketing 2014

Posted by Ian McKee on Nov 19, 2014

Festival of MarketingI made it over to East London for the Festival of Marketing last week. It was a triumphant event, brought to you by the people behind Econsultancy and Marketing Week, with the great and the good of the UK marketing industry under one roof (or was it several? I couldn’t tell in the labyrinth that is Tobacco Docks).

The overarching themes getting talked about most regularly were fairly predictable; customer experience, content and optimising marketing for cost efficiency. I did learn a few newer things though.

1. Marketing hasn’t changed

Sure, we have innumerably more digital tools, channels, access to new swathes of data, but at its core marketing remains the same. That was the argument put forward by Simon Carter of Fujitsu in his seminar on the changing face of B2B marketing.

The promise of marketing automation tools (for example) is more personalised communication. But what really happens is lazy marketers just adopt these tools for what they were doing before; throwing enough s**t at the wall to see what sticks.…

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Could Facebook increase productivity in the workplace?

Posted by Joe McNamara on Nov 18, 2014

FacebookThere’s a good deal of irony yet a certain romance about Facebook’s latest ‘secret’ project, which has recently been covered by the Financial Times, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, Reuters and Mashable. That’s not the ironic bit – honest.

Facebook at Work is the social networking giant’s latest bid to grow its user base and squeeze every last second out of existing users. It would take on the form of a social enterprise network – designed to allow colleagues to collaborate in a fun, more intuitive way in the workplace than the incumbent mass of email office-based workers are subject to every day.

The irony I speak of is in the fact Facebook is actually banned from a fair few offices under the assumption that it decreases employee productivity. Last year, 1 in 5 employees from US companies claimed to be denied Facebook access at work. That seems like a pretty naff idea, and Facebook-sceptics will see this as a backdoor way of clawing back their 9-5 users.…

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Here’s why the next big thing is the Internet of Things

Posted by Ella Delancey on Nov 17, 2014

Internet connected coinImagine coming home on a freezing cold evening, your hands are frozen and you’ve got icicles growing in your hair. Then imagine walking into your home and the lights are set to an ambient glow, your heating is blasting, and your oven is pre-heating, ready for you to put your dinner in.

You’ve done all this from your mobile, sending simple instructions through it to your appliances at home. This is the Internet of Things.

For those unfamiliar with the term, the Internet of Things refers to an expanding network of interconnected internet-enabled devices.

Cisco predicted back in 2011 that there will be 50 billion internet connected devices by the year 2020, all talking with one another on a constant basis. Right now, it seems that this figure will become a reality.

The Internet of Things will be great for consumers; however, business and government will also be greatly improved by the Internet of Things.…

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Electronica 2014: The double-deckers are back

Posted by Andrew Shephard on Nov 14, 2014

Having spent three days in Munich this week at the Electronica trade fair I am happy to report some very positive signs.

And just to make sure, I corroborated my observations with some key industry media contacts I met there and everyone seems pretty positive about what we saw at the Messe.

OK there was nothing really earth shattering in the form of announcements or many real technology breakthroughs to analyse, but there were several positive things to take away.


First, there were lots of visitors, especially on Wednesday and Thursday and they were engineers, engaging with suppliers, discussing projects.

Electronica 2014 visitors


Second, there were some fantastic stands, both in size and presentation effort. I’ve not seen stands that big in Munich for over 10 years, some confidence has certainly returned.

Electronica 2014 stand


Third, there was an up-beat atmosphere, lots of senior people on stands getting involved.  And refreshingly a hint of fun without too many tasteless stunts, along with solid demonstrations of cool and innovative products.…

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