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PR social strategies have got to change

Posted by Sanjay Dove on Mar 25, 2015

7910370882_39d180fb66_nOnce upon a time, when social media was still this new-fangled thing that businesses didn’t totally understand (and your grandma called it “The Facebook” and “The Twitter”), businesses paid PR agencies to build online communities on social media.

That was — in a nutshell — our job as far as social media strategy is concerned. Grow the company’s following online

As the digital world has progressed, we’ve now succeeded in building these communities. So what’s next for us? The CMO is well within their rights to say “thank you very much PR folks, we’ll handle things from here now” and take things in house. But if we’ve worked on building a community from scratch, it’s become our baby. While we’re not going to want to relinquish control we have to give good reason for why control should lie with us.

Meanwhile 70% of marketers expect to spend more on social in 2015, and we can’t assume that a big chunk of that is going to come our way.…

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Silicon Valley start-ups and investors go vegetarian

Posted by Marta Kot on Mar 23, 2015

“This is the best hamburger I’ve ever had!”

“Great! But actually it doesn’t have a single gram of meat”

This is what some Silicon Valley-funded tech start-ups are aiming to be able to say this year.

Many food companies already offer a selection of meat alternatives, but the exciting ambition of a current crop of start-ups is to replicate a meaty flavour and texture that will thrill meat lovers and enable vegetarians the chance to enjoy the flavours they have avoided because of ethical or dietary reasons.

These start-ups are not being coy about describing their plans. They are creating “a plant-based hamburger patty that bleeds and meatless chicken strips with the same fleshy and fibrous texture as cooked poultry.” Sounds perfect to me and I’m not surprised the project has already attracted a fair share of venture capital firms and investors, including Bill Gates, Google Ventures and Kleiner Perkins.

The product will offer many advantages over meat and is likely to be:

  1. Healthier (a human’s digestive system is not genetically designed for a high meat diet)
  2. More ethical
  3. More nutritious (our bodies can absorb only a small proportion of animal-based proteins)
  4. As satisfying as meat
  5. Cheaper than organic meat
  6. More environmentally friendly

What technology can enable such an effect?

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The three big trends we saw at #MWC2015

Posted by Alex Warren on Mar 06, 2015

IMG_0094This week I took a trip to sunny Spain to check out the world’s largest conference for the mobile industry, MWC.

Hosted by the GSMA, the show features the latest portable technologies from the likes of Samsung and Sony, as well as showcasing independent devices from a whole host of international start-ups.

As a complete MWC virgin – and someone who rarely leaves Britain’s grey and cloudy shores – I had no idea what to expect from the 80,000 strong, Barcelona-based congress. Still, despite some initial reservations, I’d like to think that I
embraced the opportunity with open arms and wide-eyed optimism (the promise of free Estrella may have also helped).

Here are a few of the things I found out at this year’s show: 

Wearables are already wearing out

The main thing I saw at Mobile World Congress was, well, mobiles.

Ok, admittedly that doesn’t sound like the most insightful observation; however it does raise an interesting point about the show.…

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10 bits of tech taking me to the London Marathon finishing line

Posted by Ian McKee on Feb 27, 2015

TomTom GPS RunnerAs my Facebook friends will be sick of hearing about by now, I’m running the London Marathon this year. I’ll be doing it for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, a charity with a lot of personal meaning for me, and one that is addressing a terrible genetic disorder that affects over 10,000 people in the UK (oh and you can sponsor me here!).

I’m not a total running newbie, having completed a couple of half marathons last year. I’m actually running the Bath Half this weekend as a bit of a check in / tune up race ahead of the big day in April. So I’ve been training enough to hone my approach.

And being the tech PR type that I am, that doesn’t just mean I know when to run intervals, eat my porridge or take an ice bath. I’ve got a bunch of tech to help me cross the finish line in the target time I’m hoping for.…

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What we’re expecting at MWC next week

Posted by Darren Willsher on Feb 26, 2015

Mobile World CongressWith MWC just days away, we’ve already seen plenty of announcements and launches as companies get stories out ahead of time.

Wildfire will be at the show for our tenth year no less — so what do we think are the big themes the media will be quizzing our clients about this year?


Only this time last year it seemed that the mere mention of 5G was a daft idea, but just look back at the last 12 months and the volume of updates and announcements on the topic — even though we don’t know what it is/might be/could be.

Expect 5G to be a big topic for the media at MWC this year, with one already posing the ‘inevitable 5G question’ as part of a recent interview.

If you haven’t already thought about how your story fits into 5G then it’s not too late — just don’t be ‘that company’ claiming to be showing something that we all know doesn’t really exist yet.…

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