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Measuring and tracking Chinese social media

Posted by Chris King on Jul 17, 2014

sina weiboOver the years we’ve helped many clients (predominantly electronics ones but not exclusively) to build brand awareness in China through traditional media relations, but like most of the Western world Chinese social media has proved something of a challenge to incorporate meaningfully into campaigns.

As pretty much everybody knows, the first challenge is that all the main Western social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., and the likes of Google and YouTube are completely irrelevant in China, where it’s all about Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo and search engines like Baidu.

But perhaps more important is the second challenge, namely getting reliable analytics with none of the traditional tools, like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck etc., able to track Chinese social media reliably, or at all.

Whilst many of the Chinese social media sites themselves do provide analytics options for their premium customers these tools are in Chinese and not Western-friendly. Sina Weibo did briefly moot BuzzEquity – its free tool for Chinese media analytics in English – but this quickly disappeared.…

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Renewables vs. non-renewables: the practical approach to energy conservation

Posted by Niall Sheedy on Jul 15, 2014

Wind farmWith so much data available at our fingertips, I can now enjoy a cycle to EML Wildfire through Richmond Park while Strava and Fitbit automatically compile all the unnecessary stats of my morning commute. I can even check my performance level via a lovely computer generated graph so I can over-analyse my cycle and extrapolate that my performance level dropped slightly as I slowed down to gaze blissfully at a herd of grazing deer.

If this technology is available to a fairly basic iPhone 4/4s, is it not a bit odd that we don’t have this sort of performance data available to renewable energy yet? Is this simply an oversight, lack of information, or resistance to change of existing work practices?

On a further note, if we are collectively serious about reducing our reliance on renewable resources then the change should take place with the multi-nationals first before the effects trickle down.…

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Europe now a booming market for semiconductors

Posted by Chris King on Jul 10, 2014

SemiconductorsIt’s true! I’m not spinning you an electronics PR yarn!

The European Semiconductor Industry Association (PDF) and Electronics Weekly have just published figures showing that European semiconductor sales amounted to USD 3.125 billion in May 2014, an increase of 10.1% versus the same month one year ago. The European market grew even faster in dollar terms than the world as a whole in May.

The wireless market and strong demand in the areas of Discrete, Total Analog, Total Logic, Total MOS Micro and Optoelectronics are cited as the key drivers for this growth.

Now we’re used to the fact that consumer electronics behemoths like Samsung and Apple (amongst others) have given rise to a huge market for semiconductors in APAC and the US with Europe often de-prioritised, especially given the wane of brands like Nokia.

However, it’s good to see Europe making a comeback and becoming an important market for semiconductor supplier once again.…

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“No offence, but…”

Posted by Ella Delancey on Jul 04, 2014

large_2484112082It’s clearly the month to take a pop at PRs. Just before Nick Cohen jumped on the bandwagon, as covered here by Darren Willsher; we were all reeling from when Robert Peston undertook a full-on PR offensive at the Charles Wheeler Lecture this month.

In a statement reminiscent of “I’m not racist but…”, the respected economics editor at the BBC claimed “Some of my best friends work in PR!” before launching a scorching attack on the PR industry. It’s the equivalent of the barely-veiled insult: “No offence, but…”

People working in the PR industry are really outraged by his rant; he likened us all to “professional bullshitters”. Had he had a bad morning? After all, he just swept his massive tarring brush over an ENTIRE job sector.

Francis Ingham, director general of the PRCA bit back, and described the scathing remarks as “venomous, ill-judged diatribe” and “a sanctimonious few paragraphs”.

The way Peston put it, it’s as if I can just ring up my mate on a national and get them to churn out a story for me so I can meet the expectations of my client.…

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It’s news to us: tech stories that caught our eye in June

Posted by Alex Warren on Jul 04, 2014

E3: Games, Games and…. Well, just more games

Last year’s E3 was a surplus of long-awaited titles, consoles and gaming-innovation. We saw the launch of the new Xbox One and the Playstation 4, as well as major announcements from Nintendo, Oculus Rift and Android Mojo. Sadly, E3 2014 just couldn’t quite live up to its predecessor. While the event delivered on several long overdue new games, many fans were disappointed by the lack of fresh hardware and devices. As the evening went on it became clear that all anyone was planning on talking about was games, games and more games. Having said that however, Sony proved the exception to the rule with the launch of a white PS4 and a pre-existing PlayStation TV box …not exactly groundbreaking innovations.

Amazon starts a Fire in the mobile marketplace

After months of tax issues and negative publicity, June finally saw Amazon taking home a win with its new “Amazon Fire Phone”.…

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